September 05, 2007

The Canadian Government is heartless!

I dreamed to live in Canada. As it have been very difficult to find a job here in Brazil for years, I had decided to work in Canada about three years ago.

I spent over three years looking hard for a job in Canada through the internet. I studied a lot about the Country. I got to know a lot about its culture, geography, history, politics and so on.

It was very hard. I researched a lot but I only found a job approved by HRSDC in February of this year (2007). I got very happy all the same, I would work in Edmonton, Alberta.

I paid for the visa and I submitted all required documentation to the Canadian consulate in São Paulo in March. For my surprise the immigration officer refused my work permit. He said that I do not have strong economic ties to my country.

It was frustrating. I have got very depressed. Is it not prejudice? Is the opportunities only for riches? Is not an unemployed an human?

I tried to go legally, I did everything within the law, I had employer and place to stay. But what was the advantage of doing that legally? None, the Canadian government refused my visa!

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